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If you are researching the reliability, stability and benefits of investing in the oil and gas industry or the renewable energy industry then look no further. Our "FREE Investors Guide" can show you these investments work and how you can start getting monthly income. 

Clean Energy Partners is a trusted source for reliable investment opportunities in renewable energy production. Found in 2006, CEP is dedicated to providing accredited investors an alternative to traditional fossil fuel energy investing. Whether you believe in global warming or not the fact is fossil fuels are finite. They will run out at some time. These is no better time than right now to get started in profitable investments in alternative, clean energy production.

Energy Equity Group is an independent oil and gas company specializing in acquisition, exploration, production and development of oil and natural gas properties and leases, as well as renewable energy solutions, including wind, solar and biomass.


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Valued at around $7 trillion globally, energy is the most valuable market segment on earth.

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